US Export Controls From A Foreign Perspective

Join us for a 4-day live stream webinar explaining foreign companies’ requirements to receive US-origin technical data, hardware, and technology. The program will address the responsibilities for foreign companies dealing with both ITAR and EAR controlled commodities, explaining new terms in the ITAR, what is not export or reexport/retransfer, licensing reexports and retransfers under the ITAR or EAR, the De Minimis rule, the Direct Product rule and compliance obligations with ITAR and EAR licenses and exports under ITAR exemptions or EAR exceptions.

Presentation materials, handouts, and a new ITAR will be provided before the start of the course.

This webinar is developed specifically for foreign company attendees. The webinar will broadcast from 7:30 AM – 11:30 AM Eastern Daylight Savings time.

Agenda and Registration via Check Payment

Workshop Date – November 2-5, 2021