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Jenny Hahn

Jenny Hahn


Jenny joined FD Associates in 1992 and is involved in all aspects of export compliance and licensing. As President, Jenny oversees our associates in licensing and compliance requirements for our clients and works with clients directly providing training in the ITAR and EAR, and aids our clients with navigating the complex requirements of Export Control Reform, helping companies establish their export compliance programs and auditing existing programs.  Jenny is well versed in the export requirements of the ITAR and EAR for a variety of technologies including infrared, aerospace, ballistic/armoured equipment, firearms/ammunition, missile motors, ISR Platforms, and various weapon systems. Jenny assumed the role of President of FD Associates when its founder and former President, Fae Daniels, retired in 2014.  Jenny is available to provide clients company-specific, on-site export training and to assist in establishing internal company trade compliance programs including conducting audits of export procedures for compliance with the ITAR, EAR, and FTR and assisting with voluntary disclosures and corrective actions plans.


Keil Ritterpusch, JD

Vice President – Compliance

Keil J. Ritterpusch, Esq. joined FDAssociates in 2015. Keil has more than 15 years of experience in trade compliance gained from private practice and in house experience with a US prime defense contractor. Keil advises our clients from a wide range of industries, including aerospace, defense, high technology sectors, commercial encryption, and medical, on U.S. export control laws and regulations. Keil’s primary focus is complex business transactions, merger and acquisition due diligence, export jurisdiction and classification of commodities, and significant compliance matters involving voluntary disclosure related to the ITAR, EAR, and FTR. Keil is available to provide expertise to clients on export licensing, technology transfers, export classifications, export compliance assessments, export compliance audits and investigations, and aid in the design, development, and implementation of tailored export compliance programs. Keil works closely with clients with complex trade compliance matters to facilitate their immediate and long term needs to ensure the right solutions are provided.

Paul Headshot

Paul Croarkin

Senior Associate

Paul joined FD Associates in 2003 after working at Howmet Corporation, an Arconia company, where he was Manager of Export Control. Paul has significant experience with gas turbine technologies for aerospace, ground, and marine platforms. Paul also assists clients with other technologies including military marine platforms, military electronics, and commercial encryption products and technology. Paul conducts jurisdiction and classification analysis and licensing under the ITAR and EAR. Paul also assists with voluntary disclosures and trade compliance audits.


John Herzo, JD

Senior Associate

A graduate of Whittier Law School, John brings his legal training his employment at FD Associates. Since 2000, when he joined the company, John has dealt with a wide range of complex export licensing and export compliance requirements on behalf of our clients. John has extensive experience in preparing complex export licenses, ITAR agreements and amendments, Commodity Jurisdictions, Commodity Classifications, Customs Detentions, and Customs Seizures. John also assists clients with audits, voluntary disclosures, and training in the ITAR and EAR. John is well versed in the requirements of the ATF regulations and provides expert guidance to client companies in obtaining permits and other requirements of these regulations.

Odyssey Headshot

Odyssey E. Gray, III

Senior Associate

Odyssey joined FD Associates in 2011 coming from a law firm where he received his introduction to export compliance. Since joining the company, Odyssey assists clients with a wide range of export matters, including export licensing under the jurisdiction of the Department of State and Department of Commerce, ITAR agreements and amendments, Retransfer Requests, ITAR Commodity Jurisdiction requests and EAR Classification requests, registration requirements with Department of State and Commerce and IT support for clients in connection with submissions made via DECCS. Odyssey has helped many clients navigate through changes in the ITAR and EAR in connection with Export Control Reform by providing assistance in resolving classification and licensing issues under the proper jurisdiction.

Grace E. Welborn

Grace E. Welborn, JD


Grace joined FD Associates in 2019. Prior to joining FD Associates, Grace worked for the Department of the Navy, Office of General Counsel labor and employment law division at Military Sealift Command. At FD Associates, Grace assists clients with ITAR licensing and registration requirements filed with the Department of State via the DECCS portal. Her expertise encompasses registrations, registration renewals, registration amendments, and notifications associated with mergers & acquisitions. Grace prepares export licenses for marketing and demonstration of ITAR hardware, systems, and software, sales licenses for ITAR and EAR hardware in DECCS and SNAP-R, and provides support to the VP of Compliance and President with other export control requirements.

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