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Assistance With Hiring And On-Site Trade Compliance Support

Trade Compliance staff perform a unique function within your company. Their job is to ensure your company stays compliant with various export regulations and that your company has the correct authorizations in place for your export requirements. Often seen by management purely as overhead, if the job is performed correctly, the trade compliance professional is a savior of the bottom line, protecting the company from fines and penalties that can be levied by the Departments of State, Commerce, Customs, Treasury and Justice, not to mention ensuring the company’s ability to timely deliver products to customers in foreign locations.

Hiring the right person for your company’s trade compliance needs is imperative!

Whether you have a dedicated trade compliance manager or your company relies on your contracts, program management, or business development leaders to fulfill trade compliance functions, as a senior executive or small business owner, you should be confident that persons tasked with compliance to U.S. export regulations are knowledgeable to ensure your company’s compliance. When hiring the next replacement, as the senior executive or small business owner, are you the best person to interview your next trade compliance manager? Do you have an intimate understanding of the export regulations (ITAR, EAR, Customs, FTR, FCPA, OFAC) and how they apply to your company products and services to enable you to be the key decision-maker for hiring your trade compliance professionals?

FD Associates can help! As dedicated trade compliance and licensing consultants, with compliance professionals and attorneys, we have over 100 years of combined experience and have supported thousands of small- and medium-sized companies over the past 30 years. We are experienced with the ITAR, the EAR, the FTR, the FCPA, and the OFAC regulations.

Your time is valuable. Whether you are using internal HR resources or a head-hunter, we can assist you by qualifying your candidates in two ways. Starting with resumes, we will first prescreen/vet which candidates should be interviewed.  We would then conduct the first round of interviews: (1) to verify the export knowledge of each candidate and (2) to evaluate the technical acumen of each candidate as it relates to your company’s specific products, technologies, and services.  This will allow the pool of candidates to be whittled down to include only those candidates that are an appropriate fit for your company’s export compliance and licensing needs.

If you need more… FD Associates can provide short-term, on-site support to companies that have experienced a sudden loss in key trade compliance personnel or that have temporary gaps in their export compliance and licensing infrastructure. During COVID 19, defense contractors are considered essential, and personnel are not working from home.  If your company trade compliance needs are daily and require a working knowledge of your company network, FD Associates can assign one of our associates to fulfill the trade compliance role on-site at your company until such time as you are able to hire the appropriate export compliance and licensing personnel for your requirements.  We can then stay on board to help with the transition of those trade compliance professionals that you hire.

With the penalties for trade compliance violations in the millions, how can you afford not to use the trade compliance consultants at FD Associates to help you with making the right hiring decision?

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[1] FD Associates does not specialize in the U.S. Customs regulations pertaining to imports into the United States.

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