BIS and CBP collaborate to Automate AES Decrementation for BIS Licenses

July 28, 2016 – BIS has advised, through joint work with CBP, the institution of a new automated function in AES for BIS licenses.  AES is now decrementing BIS license values and returning one or more Informational messages to the filer.  These messages will not preclude the issuance of an ITN, nor will they result in a Fatal Error. Depending on the circumstances of the filing, the filer may be notified:

  • That the BIS license value has been met or exceeded by a prior filing;
  • That the BIS license value has been exceeded by the current filing;
  • That the allowable shipping tolerance (10% over BIS license value) has been exceeded by the current filing; and of the remaining value on the BIS license (may be negative).

This decrementation of BIS licenses is automated in a manner similar to licenses issued by DDTC for items subject to the ITAR. 

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